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Virtual USA Bank (For Verify US Paypal)
Virtual USA Bank (For Verify US Paypal)
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Virtual USA Bank (For Verify US Paypal)

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Opening Virtual USA Bank is easy as long as you comply with the requirements. You need to click the link and fill out the necessary information needed in the application to open the account and then submit your documents for identity verification. With Virtual USA Bank, you will be assigned to virtual accounts in major banks in the US regardless of your location. You can link this to your PayPal account, and you can use this safely for transactions with minimal risks. You are allowed to withdraw or deposit money from your PayPal account using your virtual USA bank account with ease. 

Get full banking details including bank name, bank type, bank routing number and bank account number. Link it to your paypal right away so we can send your confirmation amount within 24-48 hours. 
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