Capital One Platinum Card 2022 Review

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The Capital One Platinum Credit Card is worth considering for those examining to establish or assemble credit. It arrives with a $0 annual fee and no foreign transaction fee. But without a dividends program or other perks, it’s got a narrow frame life once your recognition enhances.


The Capital One Platinum card is a plain starter credit card developed especially for those with either inflexible credit history or pursuing a credit builder card. Most of the time, cards for this segment carry annual and entrance fees and may demand an upfront security deposit. This card, however, has none of these deficiencies.

Capital One permits conceivable customers to check for pre-qualified requests without moving their credit through a hard credit check. Capital One generally checks all three credit bureaus when you apply, so prequalification can be a favorable way to test the waters as to whether you’re likely to be supported.

With this card, you can be ready for credit line growth in as little as six months with trustworthy credit usage and on-time payments. Note that the card has an increased APR, making it essential to disburse the balance each month.

The card’s scarcity of annual fees and capacity to obtain a credit line boost automatically with accountable payment conduct are benefits. But other cards with comparable characteristics also suggest gratuities and other practical bonuses.

Other Capital One Platinum Card Benefits

  • Automated Credit Line Reviews: Be automatically believed for a more increased credit line in as tiny as six months
  • Fraud Coverage: You’re surrounded by $0 Fraud Liability if your card is ever yielded or pinched
  • Emergency Card Services: If your credit card is lost or stolen, you can get an emergency card substitute and a cash advancement, subject to general credit.
  • Mastercard ID Theft Protection: Generally to help should you become the target of essence theft.

Capital One Platinum Credit Card vs Credit One BankPlatinum X5 Visa

The Credit One Bank Platinum X5 Visa is viable for rebuilding credit. It delivers a 26.99% varying APR on assets. It achieves 5% cashback compensation on the first $5,000 of qualified gas, grocery, internet, cable, satellite TV, and mobile phone assistance acquisitions annually, then 1% after that. All other purchases earn 1%. The card carries an annual fee of $95 and a lower initial praise limit. Many clients will see the fee structure as a contest to examine the past, even after regarding the capacity to make cashback.

Capital One Platinum Credit Card vs Realize it Student Cash Back.

If you’re somewhat unique to credit cards, the Discover it Student Cash Back card may correspond approvingly to the Capital One Platinum. It bears no annual fee and offers 5% cash back on regular purchases at other places each quarter, like, grocery stores, cafeterias, and gas stations, up to the quarterly maximum once activated. Plus, automatically earn limitless 1% cash back on all additional purchases.

Further, at the rear of a unique cardholder’s first year, Discover will supply a dollar-for-dollar competition on all cash back achieved. Remember, Capital One Platinum does not deliver any cashback.

Capital One Platinum Credit Card Vs Quicksilverone Cash Rewards Credit Card

Another Capital One product is the Capital One QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards Credit Card and Business . The speed and advantages are identical to the Platinum, though the QuicksilverOne contributes 1.5% cash back on all purchases. It would take $2,600 in spending to compensate for the $39 annual fee. If you can complete that payment threshold, QuicksilverOne is the more suitable option. Also, the cashback advantage is versatile: it may be seen as a check or statement credit or protect a newly qualified purchase.

Capital One Platinum Credit Card Vs Other Cards

 The Capital One Platinum card is on the quick list of possible choices for individuals with intermediate credit. The possibility of an additional credit attachment is again a plus. While this card doesn’t offer a promotional rate on harmony transfers, it doesn’t assess a balance transfer fee.

The high APR on this card is a liability if you carry a proportion month-to-month. Also, the low initial limit may make maintaining a lower credit utilization percentage challenging, which is crucial when attempting to enhance your score. However, the intermediate credit age is another essential respect, and the $0 annual fee will make this card manageable.

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