Best Colombian Fajas For Every Outfit

Best Colombian Fajas For Every Outfit

Fajas are the tightest and strongest girdles on the market. Fajas originated in Colombia as a medical-grade compression garment used after liposuction to reduce swelling and speed healing. It is designed for women who want a more defined waistline and a contoured body shape. Only 100% of Colombian fajas have the technology to provide you with the best support. These fajas come in various shapes and sizes, from waist to full-body shapers. They are intended to be worn underneath your regular clothes. 

Colombian Fajas can help with post-surgery recovery. Colombian Fajas will provide the medical compression required for a faster recovery after liposuction. You can also benefit from a postpartum faja to help your body return to normal and feel confident. Snatched-Body offers the durable, comfortable, and sexy best Colombian fajas. You can also get plus-size shapewear in the store’s category. Read the Snatched-Body Review to know more about the store.  Best Colombian Fajas For Every Outfit

  1. Lover Beauty: Tummy Control Body Shaper

Lover-Beauty offers a tummy control body shaper, a mid-thigh length faja, and a medium-compression faja. There are three levels of hook closures and adjustable, detachable shoulder straps. Because of the three adjustment levels, this faja is an excellent choice if your weight fluctuates. 

This faja is made of three layers of cloth that are both supportive and breathable. Plastic boning on both sides of the waist improves posture and adds support. 

This faja also has a zippered crotch, silicone bands, and lace thigh trim inside the leg openings to keep it in place. This item is available in beige or black.

This Lover-Beauty brand faja has tummy control, butt lift, and thigh slimming properties. It reduces cellulite and improves posture. It’s also comfortable enough to wear all day. This faja is available in sizes S-6XL. Please read our Best Colombian Fajas.


  • It improves posture
  • The 3-layer cloth design adds support
  • Zipper crotch for convenience
  • Three rows of hooks mean this faja is suitable for weight fluctuations
  1. Diane & Geordi: Women Colombian Fajas 

Women’s Postpartum Girdle and Body Shaper Diane and Geordi create this medium compression mid-thigh length faja. It has a hook closure with an over-the-hook zipper. The inner hooks keep the zipper from catching on your skin. This faja features an open crotch gusset for comfort, breathability, and underarm coverage to conceal armpit fat. Leg openings with silicone bands prevent roll-up. 

The Diane & Geordi model 2396 features a highly resistant Powernet weave and reinforced seams for added security. It has detachable straps and is designed to be completely hidden under your clothes. It comes in black or beige. 

This Diane & Geordi faja is ordinarily helpful for postpartum body shaping. However, it comes with various other functions. It slims the waist and provides a natural butt lift. The abdomen is controlled while the hips are enhanced, resulting in a more hourglass figure. 


  • It’s available in the wide size range
  • All-purpose body shaper
  • Double hook & zipper closures for security
  1. ShaperX: High Compression Body Shaper

It’s another tremendous shorts-length shaper available in beige or black. This faja provides high and double belly compression, with no compression on the hips or back. ShaperX’s body shaper is constructed with an outer Powernet layer and an inner moisture-wicking layer. It has an open crotch gusset and non-slip inner leg bands, adjustable straps, and four rows of hooks on the closure. 

The ShaperX High Compression Body Shaper is distinguished by its U-shaped neckline, which mimics the side support slings inside bra cups. In other words, while this faja does not completely cover the bust, it can provide additional breast support, unlike most Colombian fajas. 

This faja is available in sizes S-3XL. However, the S is small, and the most significant size is at the bottom of the plus size range. According to the reviews, this faja fits well on longer torsos. This faja is fantastic for flattening the stomach and improving back posture.

The four rows of hooks make this an excellent choice if you’re trying to lose weight or may gain weight in the future.


  • Moisture-wicking material reduces sweat
  • A U-shape neckline might add extra chest support
  • Four rows of hooks
  • Excellent for minimizing the belly
  1. Salome: Colombian Waist Trainer

Women’s Salome Colombian Waist Trainer Fajas The next Colombian faja is a cinturilla, a type of faja that only covers the waist. As a result, it is the same as a Western girdle. Cinturillas, on the other hand, can cinch the waist much more tightly than a traditional American girdle. 

The Salome waist trainer is a hip-length, high-compression underbust girdle. It has a hook closure and a sleek, discreet zipper that conceals the hooks. Back support and improved posture are provided by eight covered steel bonings. This faja is available in beige and black. Unlike other waist trainers, it is comfortable to sit in and does not bend, ride up, or fold. 

The waist trainer is available in sizes XS-6XL. Because their 6XL size is quite large, this faja is an excellent option for the plus size upper end. This faja will appeal to more advanced users due to its high compression and support. This faja works well whether your torso is long or short.  


  • Cinches the waist quite a bit
  • Excellent for back support due to boning
  • Comfortable for its product type
  1. Sonryse: Butt Lifting Shapewear

Making Women’s Girdles Sonryse is a brand that sells Colombian fajas in various colors. This Sonryse faja comes in beige, mocha, cocoa, and black. The faja has hooks, adjustable & removable straps, an openable crotch, and silicone leg bands to prevent slippage. The Sonryse is made with a Powernet outer layer and an inner cotton lining for breathability. 

This is an excellent all-purpose faja with a short length. This product is available in different variations depending on whether you are an hourglass shape or an apple shape, according to Sonryse. This base layer is functional in sizes XS-4XL. However, because their 4XL size is so tiny, this faja only goes to the bottom of plus size. Please read our Best Colombian Fajas.


  • It comes in a more comprehensive color
  • More hooks for adjustability
  • Available for different body shapes
  • Lined with cotton

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