Eligibility Requirement For Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 887

Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 887 Australia

A skilled regional visa is for an aspirant working within the Australian territory for at least 12 months and living for a minimum of 2 years in a designated or specified area (As per the rules/regulations of the Australian government).

The skilled regional visa subclass 887 allows a person to stay in Australia permanently only if he meets the eligibility requirements of it. The 887 visa holder can work or study in Australia, apply for Australian citizenship, and sponsor a relative to visit Australia.

An applicant can accompany his family member on visa subclass 887. He and every member joining him must follow the laws and regulations of the Australian government.  Once he has applied, he can not include them, so he should include them at the time of application.

 This visa does not carry travel rights after the expiry of a term of five years. If he wants to travel from Australia without restrictions, he has to apply for a resident return visa (RRV). If he travels without crossing right or RRV, he can not re-enter as a permanent resident.

Eligibility requirement for visa subclass 887

To meet the 887 visa requirements to be eligible for it, a person must –

  • Hold a provisional skilled regional visa subclass 489
  • Hold other eligible visas, such as visa subclass 495, 496, 475, 487, Bridging visa A, or Bridging visa B
  • Hold provisional visa subclass 489, 495, 496, 475, or 487 for at least two years
  • Has full-time (35 hours/week) employment for a minimum of one year in a specific regional/low population growth metropolitan area ( if nominated by a state/territory government )/designated area (if sponsored by a family member)
  • Has lived in Australia for at least two years, holding one/more eligible visas in a specific regional/low population growth metropolitan area (if nominated by a state/territory government)/designated domain (if sponsored by a family member)
  • Must meet the health and character requirement

Checklist of documents required for the skilled regional visa subclass 887

An applicant should attach the following documents to the application for visa subclass 887-

  • A valid and recently updated passport
  • A copy of his ID card and other documents proving his identity
  • Proof of his full-time employment for at least 35 hours per week in areas specified for this visa
  • A document showing his residence that he has been living in Australia for two years with holding an eligible visa
  • His character and health certificate
  • Proof of competency in the English language
  • For his spouse/partner, a minor child, or an adult but a dependent child
  • Proof of relationship (if applicable)
  • Marriage certificate, ID card, character certificate
  • Statutory declaration
  • Form 1229 of parental permission

Steps to be followed to apply for visa 887

An applicant can apply for the 887 visas by following the process as follows-

  1. An applicant must open an account to apply online and lodge the application.
  2. Fill in all the personal details and attach the necessary documents.
  3. Pay the applicable fees.
  4. Apply after completing all necessary formalities.
  5. Wait for the decision of the department of home affairs (DHA) and the application to be processed.
  6. After approval of the visa, receive the visa grant letter, including the visa grant number, commencement date, and visa conditions.

The visa subclass 887 applications take time to be processed as- 

  • 25% of applications in 23 months
  • 50% of applications in 24 months
  • 75% of applications in 24 months
  • 90% of applications in 24 months 

Concessions to the applicants

For awarding the skilled regional visa, a candidate must meet the residency and work requirements, but some face issues meeting these requirements. 

To solve these issues, the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) grants concessions to qualified candidates –

  • Residency concession 

A person who lived in a specified regional zone for a minimum of six months (living arrangement concession)

  • Work concession

A person who worked in a predefined regional area all day for a minimum of three months


A person who worked for an employer for at least 12 months and lived in Australia holding provisional visas among visa subclass 489, 495, 496, 475, 487, BVA, or BVB is competent to apply for a skilled regional visa subclass 887. Visa 887 provides work/study rights and also travel rights. But travel rights are for five years from the date of granting the visa.

The applicant must fulfil the 887 visa requirements to be eligible to apply for it. He can apply for it whether he is in or outside Australia. He has to attach all the required documents for submission of the application. Recheck all the documents before submitting them so there will be no delay in processing the application.

The cost to the visa subclass 887 is AUD435 for the applicant. He must pay charges for each family member joining him on this visa separately.

Source: trustvcc

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