Problems due to Shortage of Electricity

Electricity Shortage

Load shedding, which is occurring because of a lack of available energy, is causing a great deal of hardship for the people of Pakistan. This blog looks into the shortage of electricity effects on people’s day-to-day activities as well as their overall performance in Pakistan. Furthermore, it investigates the multiple energy solutions as such: Turnkey Power Solutions, Solar Energy and Other solutions to deal the load shedding. We will indulge the interviews that were video recorded and interviews that were based on written comments. They were conducted using the social networking website Facebook in accordance with the recommendations made by QSR-International (2012). The sample includes people from many walks of life in Pakistan, such as students, housewives, professional employees, and businessmen. According to the findings of the study, the lack of available power has 22 distinct effects on the daily lives of people in Pakistan.

It has been determined that a lack of power can have a number of detrimental effects, the most serious of which are disrupted sleep, the inability to finish work, the utilization of other resources, and ineffective learning. In addition, the effects of the lack of power can be broken down into two categories: social problems and psychological issues. It may be inferred that the lack of available power has affected the lives of people in Pakistan. As no source of electricity is supplied to the remote areas due to increase in diesel generator price in Pakistan. We can now clearly observe how damaging it is for the rural community who are struggling to make a living.

Severe Problems Affected by Load Shedding

It has been reported that some of the more serious repercussions of a lack of electricity include messed up sleep patterns, the inability to finish work, the consumption of other resources, and educational outcomes that are less than optimal. In addition, the impacts of the loss of power can be divided into two groups: social problems and psychological concerns. Both of these categories are interrelated.

1 Sleeplessness due to Frequent Power Outage

Ever woke up due to the unexpected loadshedding in the middle of a night? Yeah, it has happened with all of us. And we all will agree with how annoying it feels when you are disturbed with your slumber. You don’t want to get up from your most relaxing bed, but you can’t sleep either. All you can do is to take multiple turns over and over again to get back your sleep. But not any chance, as this blessing has already been snatched away and you can do nothing about that.

2 Water Contamination

With frequent loadshedding, it will naturally become a difficult task to channel the water supply over the entire rural area. This difficulty will become even more difficult with no electricity in the supply area. As a result, the residents will move to the dams’ supply lines and began filling up local containers with water. Because of this, the damage caused by the water which was already unbearable; it will start affecting the whole systems or the community as well.

3 Transports will no longer be Available

As soon as the power goes out, all modes of transportation are rendered inoperable. In today’s high-tech world, every engine is powered by some kind of electricity or solar. Whether you are travelling inside an electric bullet train or an elevator, everything runs on electrical energy. If there is a persistent disruption in the electrical supply, then many of the things that are running with electricity may come to a total stop.

4 Unavailability of Supermarkets & Gas Stations

You are going to get absolutely insane if there are no gas stations or stores. There is no denying the fact to reside in a setting is pleasurable that gives freedom to pursue your interest. But what happens if your life is only missing the element of electricity? The situation quickly deteriorates into chaos. If you don’t have access to energy, you won’t be able to shop, refuel your vehicle, or buy food. You find yourself back to Stone Age, when existence was as devoid of color as you could ever have imagined.

5 Interruptions in Communication

With the loss of power in communities, there arises significant difficulties in communicating as well. About the Covid-19 incident, when we were nearly confined to our homes and electricity nearly brought us to our knees. The internet had frequently gone down in the middle of a phone call because of loss of power or electricity. People living in remote sections of the country have complained that they frequently lose power for 12-15 hours a day. This is certainly not for what the public should make a noise. As a matter of fact, several of them even took their own lives.

Final Words

In conclusion, we see that there are more of the problems that can arise if loadshedding is not fixed. Subsequently, the main problems include so many biggest issues upraising. Sleeplessness due to Frequent Power Outage – that discusses the main issues of uncertain loadshedding during night schedules. Water Contamination – due to shortage of electricity, it is difficult to supply water with utmost sufficiency. Transports will no longer be Available – shortage of electricity will be a prominent hindrance related to electric transports and signals. Unavailability of Supermarkets & Gas Stations – due to the frequent power outages. And at last, Interruptions in Communication – sudden breakdowns of internet and signals due to power outage. There is simply no denying to the fact that electricity plays a vital role in enhancing the performance of a community.

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