Different Types Of Leather Bags For Men Out There

Different Types Of Leather Bags For Men Out There

When it comes to men’s bags and luggage, leather is the perfect choice as it’s one of the few materials that are both refined and rugged at the same time.

Whether you’re carrying papers into a corporate office, toiletries on the go, or supplies on an outdoor adventure, a good leather bag can deliver strength as well as style wherever you go. 

But while a leather bag can pretty much work anywhere, no single bag is suitable for everywhere. 

For instance, a rugged leather satchel might look fashionable when hanging over a bike or horse but doesn’t look suitable on a corporate executive going to the office or a student attending a class.

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Breaking Down The Types of Best Leather Bags For Men 

To help you know which leather bags for men work best, we’ll break down the most important types of leather bags.

Messenger Bags

Messenger bags are one of the most versatile and popular options when it comes to carrying your essentials. The classy look and undeniable functionality of a messenger bag are ideal for everyone from college students to business executives who can rely on it for everyday use. Also, they feature a large protective flap that covers the front and front of the bag.

Making a messenger with leather immediately elevates its look. A leather messenger bag is like a cross between an executive briefcase and a leather shoulder bag. The leather messenger bags offer a dedicated laptop slot that will keep your device safe, alongside interior pockets to carry your personal stuff, such as business cards, stationery, and various other small items.

Duffle Bags

Usually manufactured using long lasting materials such as leather and canvas, these bags are another popular choice for men’s baggage. More casual and spacious than your standard messenger bag, you can carry your water bottle and workout apparel in it when going to the gym and bring them on an airplane as your carry-on luggage. You can even use it as a weekender or overnight bag for outdoor trips. 

Speaking of duffles, the important thing to consider is that they lack a professional look as compared to messenger bags. Therefore, they don’t really work for the office or other formal places and occasions. 

However, if you want an all-purpose bag that can be used for just casual outings, then a duffle bag might be your best option. 

Work Bags

The next on our list of different types of leather bags is the work bag. Work bags are like messenger bags in terms of size and shape, but they don’t have that protective flap over the front of the bag. 

Instead, they feature zip over the top, similar to a duffle bag. Likewise briefcase, they have a rectangular shape and sleek design. As the name implies, they’re a good choice for carrying everyday items to and from the office. Moreover, if you just need to carry lighter stuff like a tablet or a few important documents, work bags are the best bet.  

Generally, work bags tend to deliver a more casual feel than messenger bags. But you can enhance the overall look by choosing a high quality bag made using top grain leather, which tends to look more stylish and sophisticated.

Leather Backpacks

Men sometimes shy from carrying backpacks because they give off the vibe of the schoolyard and make them feel and look juvenile. Not to mention, the best leather backpacks can actually have an empowering effect on your personality. 

The leather backpacks are undeniably classic; therefore, when you tighten the straps on a well-designed and sturdy leather backpack, you’ll feel like an Army Ranger carrying the pack on his back. 

While the leather quality is very important in manufacturing any leather bag for men, it’s arguably most important with backpacks also. Good quality leather will further elevate the overall appearance, while a cheap or bad quality type of leather backpack tends to diminish the effect.

Sling Bags

Also referred to as a cross-body bag, sling bags fall somewhere in between a backpack and a messenger bag. They’re a great choice for cyclists who need a small bag to bring on the everyday-carry items that they can fit in their pockets. 

You can buy lightweight nylon and synthetic sling bags at stores, but the best thing about getting a leather sling bag is that it turns out to be a practical bag that’s also stylish and masculine.

Business Briefcases

You can find stylish varieties of all the other bags mentioned on this list made of materials other than leather. However, a business briefcase is unarguably the one piece of men’s baggage that must be made of leather. 

As stated earlier, leather has a certain sophistication, style, and elegance that is unmatched by other materials, making it the perfect option for the corporate boardroom or office.

Toiletry Bags & Dopp Kits

The best part about having a leather toiletry bag, also known as a Dopp kit, is that it helps hold all your toiletries, grooming essentials, and skincare products in one safe place. Carrying all your grooming products in one place might make you feel a little relaxed. 

The good news is that holding toothpaste, face wash, body deodorant, and a hair trimmer feels a lot cooler when you wrap them in what’s essentially a rugged leather case. 

Final Words: Best Leather Bags For Men

When buying the best leather bag, choose the one that defines your personality. Well, there are tons of options out there that are suitable for your individuality and lifestyle. For the office, men like to keep their valuables safe and well-organized. While traveling, they need a spacious and rugged bag that can withstand on-the-go wear and tear. Depending on the intended purpose, men can find different types of leather bags in various styles, sizes, and designs.

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