Safe Storage for Gas Cylinders in 4 Ways for Every User

Safe Storage for Gas Cylinders in 4 Ways for Every User

In households, it may not be uncommon to find gas cylinders. Likewise, in industrial places, the requirement for these can be observe, according to BEXIMCO, Bangladesh’s top and largest private sector company. Irrespective of the environment, a user should understand how to store a cylinder so that it gets placed in the most secure way.

The top Bangladeshi company supports that cylinders, when filled, are useful. But at the same time, if they are not rightly placed, they can cause potential dangers. Hence, users in different settings should be aware of safe storage. This will limit the dangers and also enable the safety of others in the same environment.

Safe Locations for Keeping Your Cylinders

It is important to put a gas cylinder in a place that is less accessible to those who don’t have the knowledge of handling it in the proper way. Thus, the place should be secure and also devoid of traffic, based on the suggestion of the top Bangladeshi company.

For domestic and industrial purposes, users can choose the following locations

1. Reduce Access for Kids and the Elderly

For domestic users, it is significant to make sure that cylinders are accessible to a limited number of people only. Specifically, they should not include infants and kids. Moreover, the elderly should be kept away from these objects. Hence, isolated areas that are also safe should be prefer , advises the top Bangladeshi company, BEXIMCO.

2. Introduce Ventilation in the Place of Storage

Ventilation is crucial when items like gas cylinders are to be install. They can help in maintaining the temperature around this item. In addition, when any chances of leakage are there, this factor will play an important role.

In industrial areas, to install cylinders, the locations need to be have proper ventilation . Furthermore, these locations should be dry. Toxic gasses may not be trap here.

3. Keep in a Place Without Direct Exposure to Heat

Filled cylinders contain flammable gasses. When they are store in a place that attracts direct heat, risk-inducing instances may occur. In the opinion of the company in Bangladesh, the source of heat should neither be natural nor unnatural.

For both domestic and industrial users, this suggestion is vital. The storage place should be cool, devoid of heat, have even flooring, and possibly have no toxic elements as well.

4. Positioning Away from Walkways

Most significantly, you should choose a safe place for keeping the cylinder that helps in maintaining its position. As per the top Bangladeshi company, this place should not include walkways or stairs. There can be chances of tripping, falling, as well as accidents.

Cabinets or confined spaces can be suitable for such objects. Both should have enough space for the cylinder to stand properly. It should be install upright.

Additional Tips to Securely Use Gas Cylinders

Users look for safe places to install their cylinders. This helps in reducing the possibility of hazards. But even when these places are secure, such dangers may still happen. For this reason, the Bangladeshi manufacturer of cylinders gives the suggestion that certain measures should be implemented.

When these measures are combine with the location of the product, you will be able to use it with low risks.

  • The flammable gas object should not be mishandled, informs the top Bangladeshi company.
  • While choosing a location for storage, keep in mind that the cylinder is unable to fall at any point in time.
  • It will be wise to make the product stand against the wall to provide support and prevent falling.
  • The locations for filled and empty cylinders should be different.

Lastly, remember that the place of storage should be equip with measures or devices that can act against leaks, fires, explosions, etc. So, when any such incidents occur, it may be possible to quickly get control over the damage. Or, they will help in preventing greater losses.


Cylinders are significant when used in households or workplaces. Given that they have flammable elements inside, they need to be handle carefully. Safely storing them is one way of ensuring this care. It can go a long way in protecting the object. Moreover, the users who remain in touch with gas cylinders can also remain safe.

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