What Everyone Need to Know About Home Inspection Services in Surrey

home inspection services in Surrey

This is a very good and important question. Many home buyers (and agents) don’t know exactly what a home inspector does. So let me quit smoking right now. The below are some point that a person need to know about the Home Inspection Services in Surrey.

Find out the house Condition

A home inspection services in Surrey is a fair, non-intrusive visual effort to determine the actual physical condition of the home during the time and day the inspection is conducted.

 Check the house

A home inspection isn’t really about the home inspector telling you what’s wrong with the house; rather, it’s a discovery session to make sure you understand what you’re buying so you can decide if it’s within your expectations and is a good option for your situation.

You see, my job is to ensure I align the reality of the house’s condition with your expectations. If I can do this successfully, then I’ve done my job.

3. Home inspection report

The record of the home inspection. The report is designed to summarize and convey the findings in a clear, simple, comprehensive, and easy-to-understand manner.

If a home inspection is a snapshot of a home’s condition over time, then the report is the photo itself (and a good report will have many photos). Without the report, there is no real home inspection.

It allows you to go through the inspection as often as possible to decide if the house is right for you and your circumstances.

By nature, it is limited in scope to what can be seen, touched, and tasted, which is especially true of empty houses where a home inspector is forced to play detective and do his best during a short time.

To find everything (good and bad), you need to know to make an informed home decision. If your schedule permits, you should also be encouraged to take advantage of the rare opportunity to follow a professional home inspector into your home who will invite your questions and concerns and provide you with key information and advice that is sure to help you with how you live and maintain your home. Home for years to come.

4. Some key points to remember about home inspections:

1. No home is perfect. Not even a new house. There will always be something noteworthy in the relationship.

2. Not all home inspectors are created equal. Just like mechanics, some are better than others. Price shouldn’t be the most important consideration when comparing home inspection companies. 

Use word of mouth, past customer reviews, time in business, background, and experience. This is especially true since you are making such a large and important investment. 

5. Cost

A home inspection is an investment in the quality of your new home. See it as one. I always aim for items you find in a home to cover the inspection cost when negotiated for repair. Of course, this only sometimes happens. Again, sometimes my fee is small compared to what I get. 

6. Old House

Old houses are like older adults; the older they get, the more attention they need (my kids laugh when I say this). Make sure you see older homes (50+ years old) as they should look, and try to avoid carrying the same expectations you had when you saw that 10-year-old home earlier in the day.

It will look or function differently. What are the three biggest concerns in every old house? The plumbing, the electrical system, and the foundations.


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