How to Draw a Bearded Dragon A Step-by-Step Manual

How To Draw A Bearded Dragon

How to Draw a Bearded Dragon A Step-by-Step Manual

Real dragons may never have existed, but today we have some real living creatures that come pretty close! The bearded dragon would be one of these animals, not just because it has a dragon in its name. These unique reptiles are native to Australia and get their name from the swollen section under their face that resembles a beard. Its special appearance can also make learning to draw a bearded dragon fun.

If you love these peculiar lizards and want to learn how to do it, then you are in the right place. Enjoy this step-by-step guide on drawing a bearded dragon as we show you how to create a great representation of this fantastic animal.

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How to Draw a Bearded Dragon – let’s get Initiated!

Step 1

We will start this guide on how to draw a bearded dragon by removing the head of the lizard. First, draw a small circle with reflective detail for the eye pupil. You can then draw another circle around it for the outline of the eye. Then we’ll remove the front of the bearded dragon’s face with long, smooth lines. Also, you can add some details around the eye, add a nostril. And then draw some small teeth along the length of the mouth.

We’ll take a somewhat different drawing approach for the back of the head. Bearded Dragons have a lot of spiky texture to their bodies, which is a defensive mechanism that makes them appear undesirable to predators. These will be drawn with many small. Pointy lines to form the back of the head. So we’re ready to move on!

Step 2

Now you are ready to add the famous ‘beard’ to your bearded dragon drawing. This beard is not natural but has a leathery section that can swell when the lizard feels under pressure. When drawing this beard, we’ll use a spiky line similar to the one we used for the back of the head. The dots will be a little less sharp for this part. However some smooth lines will also be incorporated. Once you’ve replicated this beard as it appears in our reference image, we can begin to draw the back of the lizard using a slightly jagged line that curves sharply to one side.

Step 3

For the next step in our guide on drawing a bearded dragon, we’ll remove the rest of the tail’s outline while adding the lizard’s first leg. The line you drew for the body in the previous step curved to the left, which will serve as the tail, and you can draw another curved line coming out of the tip for the outline of the seat. As shown in the reference image. It will be remove so that the tail is slightly thicker the closer it gets to the base. Finally, draw a tiny leg and foot, and then add a few more spiky lines relative to the beginning of the belly.

Step 4

Continuing with the bearded dragon drawing, we will add another foot to the front of the body. This foot will be slightly larger and longer than the one you drew on the back of the body. This leg will have a thinner base and swell slightly into a thicker portion before ending in a clawed foot. Like many other body parts. This leg will be drawn with a spiky line to make it look spinier.

Step 5

We’ll be finishing up the outline of this fantastic lizard in this step of our guide on how to draw a bearded dragon. This will mainly involve removing another leg for the bearded dragon, and just like the one you just drew, slightly larger than the hind leg you drew.

This paw will also be drawn using a combination of sharp and smooth lines. Once you’ve removed this leg, you’ll have finished this bearded dragon! It could be fun to draw a background for the image, so what else can you add?

Step 6

Bearded dragon have a relatively simple and muted color scheme, as it helps them blend in with the sandy desert environment in which they are found. For that reason, we used some light brown and beige colors to color our bearded dragon drawing example.

We used some sharp touches of color tones to make this bearded dragon look a bit fussier, and he could use a similar approach to your own. While using similar colors, you can choose some unique color options! What will you use to finish off your bearded dragon drawing?

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