Turkey Visa for Bahrain Citizens

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If you are from Bahrain and you plan to travel to Turkey you must count before traveling with your Turkey Visa for Bahrain Citizens. How can I get my Turkey eVisa? If you are asking yourself this, iVisa.com is the place for you! We offer you the ease of applying for this eVisa from the comfort of your home without having to go to an embassy.

For any more questions, we recommend you to read our FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Turkey eVisa for Bahraini citizens?

The Turkey eVisa is an authorization for tourists to enter the country. There are over 100 countries that must apply for this eVisa, Bahrain is one of the countries that are obligated to apply for one.

Only people that are not staying for more than 72 hours can enter Turkey without an eVisa. These people usually are transit travelers or tourists visiting on cruises. Remember this is a personal document, which means all visitors must have a Turkey visa for Bahraini citizens.

What is the validity of the Turkish eVisa?

If you are applying for a Turkey visa for Bahraini citizens, this document is only valid for 180 days starting from arrival. Also, it is important to know that the stay cannot exceed 30 days within 90 days. Nonetheless, the Turkey Visa for Mexican Citizens is a Multiple entry document that allows you to visit the country multiple times.

What documents do I have to upload for applying for a Turkey Visa for Bahraini citizens?

For you to apply for the Turkey eVisa you need these documents:

  • A valid passport with at least 6 months of validation from the arrival date in Turkey.
  • An e-mail address to deliver your eVisa.
  • The payment method: use your credit/debit card.

Some countries like Schengen countries, the USA, UK, and Ireland must also present a visa or a residence permit.

What are the prices and fees for iVisa.com?

You can choose between three options for acquiring your Turkey visa for Bahraini citizens. The final price includes the government fee for Bahraini citizens.

  • Standard Processing Alternative24 hours – USD $131.49
  • Rush Processing Alternative4 hours – USD $174.49.
  • Super Rush Processing Alternative30 minutes – USD $224.49

What are the steps for acquiring my Turkey eVisa?

iVisa.com has implemented 3 easy steps for you to apply for your Turkey visa for Bahraini citizens.

  • First, Fill out the application form and select the processing option.
  • Second, Review your personal information and select the payment method.
  • Third, Upload all the required documents and submit them.

Is iVisa.com reliable?

iVisa.com is known for the trust it brings to its customers. Thanks to the data protection system and the excellent team, iVisa.com is considered one of the best places to process travel documents.

I have some additional questions, where can I contact someone?

We have a group of experts ready to answer any questions you may have 24/7. You just have to contact our customer service and you will be able to solve all your doubts. We also have frequently asked questions on our website.

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