10 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Buying A Street Electric Skateboard

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Electric skateboards offer fun to anyone who uses it. The primary reason for its rising popularity is the practicality it provides. However, it would be the best idea if you learned about the potential mistakes you could make when buying an electric skateboard. You should avoid these common mistakes if you want your electric skateboard shopping experience to be seamless. 

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Common Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Electric Skateboard

In this article, we bring up the 10 mistakes you should avoid when purchasing an electric skateboard. Keep reading to learn about these common errors! 

1. Choosing Too Heavy Electric Skateboard

Regarding street electric skateboards, size matters a lot. So, when choosing one, go with the one that’s not too big or too heavy. The electric skateboard’s weight and length are the two important considerations you must remember before purchasing an electric skateboard. Investing in a thicker and longer electric skateboard will only end up being heavier. Keep in mind that a street electric skateboard can become less portable if it is too bulky or big.

A street electric skateboard should be light enough if you’re using it for your daily commute. Pick one having 10 to 15 pounds of weight. However, if you’re a heavy rider, a great option to choose from is over 40 pounds and above.

2. Not Weighing Other Options

One of the biggest mistakes you might make when buying a street electric skateboard isn’t weighing all the available options out there. Whatever your intended purpose is, you have to remember that street electric skateboards come in all sizes and shapes.

From small models that are ideal for beginners and kids to longboards suitable for experienced skateboarders, there are limitless options you can choose from. So, ensure to check some other options too, when shopping around. This way, you can be able to make a better purchase decision.

3. Lack Of Power

The skateboard’s ability to run fast and smoothly is an essential aspect to consider before buying one. With a well-powered electric skateboard, you’ll reach your destination sooner without inconvenience. You are only wasting money when buying an underpowered electric skateboard. Besides this, a street electric skateboard is all about speed. So, choosing a well-powered electric skateboard is significantly important.

4. Ignoring Testing The Electric Skateboard

Testing a street electric skateboard before buying guarantees that it’ll work as advertised. Also, it’ll enable you to check whether it matches your preferences or skating style. If you’re looking to purchase online, visit a store that offers the same model to test the electric skateboard before placing an order. As you try the skateboard, check out some factors, such as height, weight, and your needs.

5. Choosing An Electric Skateboard Made From Cheap Materials

Never think of investing in an electric skateboard made from cheap materials. Street electric skateboards must be durable enough and won’t crack even after a slight hit. Generally, electric skateboards consist of materials such as plastic, bamboo, and carbon fiber. Many skateboard manufacturers create their skateboards from a specific material, such as bamboo.

If you want an affordable skateboard, you can opt for one made from plastic materials, but try to avoid them if possible. Materials like bamboo and carbon fiber are superior and will provide a better skating experience.

A skateboard made with carbon fiber is remarkably lightweight and durable because it’s usually reinforced with light plastic materials. Since it’s light, it’s a great option for those who always carry their skateboards around.

The only drawback of carbon fiber electric skateboards is that they deliver a more rigid and stiffer ride. Additionally, they don’t absorb vibrations from the surfaces, thus making your ride uncomfortable.

Bamboo electric skateboards are becoming popular because of their strength. They’re also preferred by those who prioritize sustainability. Since bamboo is a flexible material, it offers a softer ride to skateboarders. Often, manufacturers blend bamboo with other wood materials to increase the board’s durability.

10 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Buying A Street Electric Skateboard

6. Unreliable Wheels

Having a durable wheel is equally essential as having a durable skateboard. Additionally, if you want to go for a smooth and stable ride, your electric skateboard must have reliable wheels. Many people pay a great amount of money for electric skateboards leaving them with broken wheels even after riding the board only a few times. Thus, when shopping for street electric skateboards, ensure that you are getting one that has wheels made from urethane. 

7. Lack Of Warranty

When you’re looking to buy an electric skateboard, it’s necessary to check the warranty period. A reasonable warranty span is essential. You will never know when your street electric skateboard requires a replacement or might stop working. Therefore, it is recommended to check if the one you’re buying comes with a warranty. Generally, electric skateboards come with about six months to one-year warranty.

8. Not Checking The Battery’s Capacity

Last but not least, another common mistake we make when buying an electric skateboard is not checking the battery’s capacity. Make sure that your chosen electric skateboard has long battery life and sufficient capacity to let you enjoy a seamless riding experience.

You can always contact the vendor if you don’t know the battery capacity suitable for your needs. It’s always also a good idea to ask others who have experience getting a street electric skateboard.

9. Complicated Controls

You will feel annoyed, especially when riding on busy streets with an inconvenient way of controlling your street electric skateboards. A handy remote control is one of the best ways of handling an electric skateboard. With a hand-held remote, you can easily navigate the board anywhere you wish to go.

10. Noisy

You surely do not want to have an electric skateboard that is too loud. If you use the electric skateboard for commuting, especially in public areas, you need a silent option. 

The Bottomline

The street electric skateboard may vary depending on your needs. With hundreds of options available on the market, it’s common to make mistakes and choose the wrong skateboard. So, to avoid wasting your time and money, consider the above points when buying a street electric skateboard. Finally, select the one that fits your style and preferences.

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