Various styles of aluminium railings in Delhi NCR

Those of you who have balconies in your homes are aware of how delightful the space can be. In a bustling metropolitan setting, a balcony is a place of tranquilly and leisure. It provides access to fresh air and natural light. It is the ideal place to enjoy a cup of tea in the morning or relax in the evening. Obviously, the design and decoration of a balcony are essential. For starters, there should be comfortable seating and a spot for drinks and plates. Adding plants on balconies boosts their aesthetic appeal. It should also be devoid of trash. You don’t want your balcony to become a dumping ground for all the household’s extra belongings. If you happen to live in the Delhi NCR vicinity are looking for amazing modular glass railings then contact Satkartar Glass Solutions. They are the pioneers in Aluminium Railing Systems in Delhi NCR.

Are aluminium railings Safe?

How safe is the current balcony aluminium railing design? It is a topic that frequently arises in the thoughts of inhabitants. With the proper materials and installation, you can rest confident that it is extremely secure. An important part of balcony design is safety. The area should be structurally sound and surrounded by appropriate railings. These railings should be of sufficient height and strength. While there are numerous material options for balcony railings, glass is a modern and elegant option.

Consider the following aspects while selecting a modern balcony aluminium railing:

  • The kind and thickness of glass
  • The elevation of the handrail
  • The handrails and top rails.
  • The attachment surfaces

Typically, these railings are constructed with tempered glass. This results in increased durability and shatter resistance. Reputable manufacturers ensure that the strength of the tempered glass is adequately checked. Satkartar Glass Solutions are pioneers in aluminium railings in Delhi NCR and ensure the safest application of railings at your premises. The mounting surface is a crucial consideration. Glass railings can be installed on numerous surfaces. Professionals at Satkartar Glass Solutions can advise you on the optimal foundation. This could be, for instance, concrete or engineered wood. The height of the railing must conform to architectural and municipal specifications. You must ensure that this is strictly adhered to.

Popular modern aluminium railing types with glass in 2022

Glass with Etchings

Those who believe that looking at plain glass is dull have the option of selecting one of many patterns that are etched onto the glass. These patterns can be floral, geometrical, or any other style that you feel best complements the aesthetic of your space.

Aluminium Protection

You also have the option of giving the glass railing a more streamlined appearance by strengthening it with metal on the top and sides.

Sliding Glass Door

Consider installing full-length glass sliding doors on the balcony if its dimensions and configuration will allow for them. This will help to create an inviting space that is flooded with natural light.

Accents Made of Stainless Steel

The use of stainless steel accents can give any form of contemporary aluminium railing design for a balcony an even more up-to-date appearance.

A combination of curved and semicircular edges

Glass that has been tempered can be formed into a wide variety of profiles and shapes. One alternative that is both elegant and practical is to go with a design that has curved edges or a semi-circular shape.

Black Glass

The use of black glass is an approach that is both distinctive and daring. It will provide a very unforgettable touch to your balcony. In the event that you require some privacy, this also offers that to you.

Frosted or coloured

A contemporary aluminium railing design for a balcony could have black glass, but you could also go with frosted or tinted glass for a more distinctive appearance.


Consider a balcony design that is made of frameless glass for an unobstructed and breathtaking look outside. If this is the case, the railing will need to be custom-made for your area so that it does not compromise the necessary level of safety.

Winding up

A aluminium balcony railing design is contemporary, sleek, and a great way to create a sense of space. There is no need to sacrifice safety or the scenery. It might make your balcony the most cherished spot in your home. A glass balcony railing design is one approach to increase the beauty of your balcony space. This is all possible only if you contact the pioneers in aluminium railings in Delhi NCR.  At Satkartar Glass Solutions, we can provide you with numerous additional tips on how to make your balcony a desirable location.

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