How Virginia City Became An Old West Tourist Draw

Virginia City

The city of Virginia is in Nevada. It is a famous Old West Town known mainly for its discovery of Comstock Lode silver ore in 1859.

It hosts an array of wild events and sights. The Old West Town also celebrates its unique culture. The place is like a travel back to when things were good and simpler.

After all these years, Virginia City remains one of the most popular historical attractions for tourists in Nevada.

Exact Location Of The Place

The city of Virginia is about 40 minutes southeast of Reno. It is towards the northeast of Nevada’s capital, Carson City.

The town is built on the mountainside in the Virginia Range and has a gorgeous hundred-mile view towards the east. The view can be enjoyed from many hotel rooms, saloons, and restaurants.

The History Of Virginia City

In 1859, suppliers, business people, suppliers, rich investors, and other money and fortune seekers followed news that the Virginia Range had rich ores. This led to the greatest American discovery of silver ore. 

After this, people started flocking to the area from San Francisco. After that, people from all over the American West and eventually the whole world came to witness the place.

All this led to people booming into the place and birthing the settlement of Virginia City overnight.

The Silver State

The town then converted into a booming and bustling hub because of the enormous “Comstock Lode’s” success.

This propelled Nevada Territory into statehood and gave Nevada its well-known moniker, the Silver State.

The mining community expanded rapidly and became a full-fledged metropolis with 25,000 inhabitants. 

Miners uncovered hundreds of millions of dollars over several decades. Just about a few billion in today’s currency. Much of which was then sent to Washington, D.C. the development of that young metropolis as well as its rehabilitation after the Great 1906 

Earthquake (and fire), not to mention many other portions of the West coast, as well as San Francisco, the key financial hub of the region.

Several of San Francisco’s streets bear the names of men who got their start (or made their names) right here in Virginia City. 


At present, Virginia City is home to about a thousand residents. Also, it hosts some of the most beautifully preserved saloons, cemeteries, churches, and houses in the West – a ticket to fame that earned the town a spot on the National Register of Historic Places.

History geeks fill days and days going for museum hopping. There are also amazing antiques sold at shops, and the merrymakers can go and visit authentic saloons, especially after a day of indulging in wild weekend events that the place holds.

Places To Visit 

Here are a few places that are a must-visit when visiting Virginia : 

Visit the Chollar Mine

The town of Virginia City has long had a tight connection with mining.

When you visit Virginia City, don’t forget to tour some of the town’s famous and historic mines.

Chollar mine is one such site that you can visit right now.

One of the richest silver strikes in the nation has occurred at this place.

Going here, you can descend underground and explore where miners discovered the riches that gave the town its notoriety. One of the top mines on the Comstock, the area was first staked in 1859.

Tour The Mackay Mansion Museum

The Mackay Mansion in Virginia City is another old house. The Hearst family constructed the house in 1985.

It now functions as a museum where tourists can experience the inside of a real Victorian mansion. It is also well-known for being among the first structures in the neighborhood to have survived significant fires throughout history.

Washoe Club Museum & Saloon

Many of the bartenders’ distinctive drinks allow you to experience a small portion of the Gold Rush era. 

You can also spend the night here and hunt for ghosts if you’re a true believer in the paranormal and want to boost the ante.

Bonus: Be sure to check out places to visit in montana. It is only an hour away if you travel by plane.


What is Virginia City known for?

The 1859 Comstock Lode silver ore discovery made Virginia City, Nevada, an iconic old west settlement. Any day of the week, visiting Virginia City is like taking a trip back in time thanks to the wild events, sights, and culture that honor its rich history.

What is so special about Virginia City, Nevada?

Virginia City, well-known for its long mining history, prides itself on being one of the eeriest places in the country. Virginia City has several haunted spots and provides guided ghost tours if you enjoy exploring the paranormal or want to try something new and little creepy.

Why is it called the Old West?

The natural areas west of the Mississippi River, which comprised the western United States during its frontier era, were known as the “Wild West,” hence the name. Synopsis and explanation: The Wild West era lasted for thirty years, from 1865 to 1895.

Why do tourists visit Virginia?

With the changes brought about by each season, the beaches, lakes, mountains, rivers, cities, and landscapes provide a whole year of adventures. Additionally, state and national parks offer access to all of these.

To Wrap It Up!

Virginia’s Old West Town is rich in history and has much to offer to tourists visiting.

Thank you for reading up till here! I hope you found the information useful. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the same.

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