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Laser Engravers


This article covers some of the most exciting and interesting facts about laser cutters & laser engravers. Read on to learn more about:

  • Overview of laser cutters & engraver
  • What is laser cutting?
  • What are the benefits of laser cutting?
  • What is a laser cutter used for?
  • Some of the major pros & cons of laser cutting.
  • Best laser cutters & laser engravers for 2022
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Laser Engravers

Overview of Laser Cutters & Laser Engravers

Laser cutting and engraving are emerging as powerful tools for designers and small business owners to earn from their skills. Laser cutters and laser engravers are similar machines. 

It enables you to create various applications, from outstanding business cards and modern school kits. It is a great technology that cuts or engraves images or shapes into laborious materials. 

Even better, Industrial laser cutters can cut even the most rigid metals like stainless steel and nickel. But, more affordable laser cutters, such as DIY laser cutter kits, can cut wood, acrylics, and other softer materials. 

Whether you are a DIY lover or even a beginner in the tech field, Laser cutting and engraving are emerging as useful tools for designers and small business owners to earn from their skills. In other words, laser engraving now becomes a popular tool for small businesses, product designers, makers, and hobbyists. 

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What is Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting is a process in which a laser uses light to cut metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel, and titanium. In other words, Laser cutting is digital subtractive fabrication technology. In this technology, a machine engraves and cuts with a laser; it uses a technique based on thermal material removal. This subtractive process removes material during cutting using vaporization, melting, and chemical ablation.

What Are The Benefits Of Laser Cutting?

Compared to other fabrication techniques, Laser engraving and cutting are used in many engineering applications and educational projects. Not to mention, Lasers are ideal for cutting metal stainless and mild steel, tungsten, nickel, brass, and aluminum. Another exciting part is that the process can also be used for the industrial cutting of plastic, wood, ceramics, wax, fabrics, and paper.

What Is Laser Cutter Used For?

This material-cutting method is used across various industries, including aerospace and automotive applications. Plus, for cutting in hazardous environments, such as nuclear decommissioning. 

On top of that, laser cutting is used for joining, heat treating, inspection, and free-form manufacturing. Many industries like fabric, shoes, and pen engraving use laser cutters. Yet, it is now a standard tool for various purposes. Many people, like creators, DIYers, and hobbyists, use laser cutters for logo design, engraving calligraphy fonts, etc. 

Laser cutters have a significant role in the creative and designing process. It lets you make precise cuts on various materials, from leather to non-metals. It also includes materials like wood, plastic, glass, etc. 

One thigh that sets Laser cutting apart from others is that it requires higher power densities but shorter interaction times. Omit, Laser Cutting makes it possible to cut materials such as wood, plastics, and metals. You can also use different laser cutter techniques, such as vector cutting, raster engraving, and vector engraving.


  • Cost-effectiveness, excellent quality, contactless cutting.
  • Perfect for cutting a lot of different shapes
  • Eco friendly.
  • Excellent for cutting and engraving metal.
  • It increased manufacturing efficiencies. 
  • Allows for precise material cutting.
  • They are used for etching, piercing, and sculpturing.
  • Cut plastic, wood, acrylic, fabric, and other organic materials.
  • Engrave metals, glass, stone, and ceramics.
  • Engrave plastics, acrylic, and wood by changing the power.
  • Available in many different sizes and power wattages.


  • Low energy efficiency.

Best Laser Cutters & Laser Engravers: Our Top Picks For 2022

  • FABOOL Laser Mini: Best Laser Cutters & Laser Engravers For Small Business
  • Glowforge Plus: Best Laser Cutters & Laser Engravers For Home
  • Flux Beamo 30 W: Best Laser Cutters & Laser Engravers For Metal

FABOOL Laser Mini: Best Laser Cutters & Laser Engravers For Small Business

FABOOL Laser Mini is an s ready-to-assemble desktop laser machine and engraver. It helps hobbyists or designers to create their projects in-house. Developed by intelligent DIYs, a group of Japanese engineers, this open-source desktop laser cutter and engraver processes a wide range of materials, from wood and leather to food and plastic. With stylish design and 1/4 of assembly time, FABOOL help in various situations, from designing to teaching to prototyping. 

Glowforge Plus: Best Laser Cutters & Laser Engravers For Home

Glowforge is a wireless desktop 3D laser printer that creates beautiful gifts at the best prices. These powerful 40-watt Laser engraves print beautiful and useful products from wood, leather, paper, fabric, and acrylic. With an easy-to-use interface, it allows you can store your 3D files & data on a cloud to create your next laser-cut project. Whether you use a simple 3D modeling program or a more advanced one, you can create fantastic products like wallets and picture frames with this laser machine. 

Flux Beamo 30 W: Best Laser Cutters & Laser Engravers For Metal

Developed by Flux, Beamo 30W is a simple, easy-to-use laser engraving and cutting machine. This small desktop CO2 laser cutter and laser engraver feature a powerful 30-watt CO2 laser to cut and engrave on organic materials. With a revolutionary design and intuitive user interface, Beamo has the same powerful features found in professional industrial laser cutters. It lets you make precise cuts on various materials, from leather to non-metals like wood, plastic, glass, etc. Best of all, this laser engraving and cutting machine is still suitable for small businesses, classrooms, and your home.

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