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8X online Sports news is one of the leading sports news sites in Vietnam. They provide information and entertainment for both professional and amateur sports fans. This website offers daily news and highlights about the top sports teams in the country. It also provides information on upcoming games. It also has a community of sports fans who chat and post comments on its news pages.


If you’re in search of the latest news and updates on your favorite team, league, or player, YouSport 8X is the right place to look. It offers live reporting, video content, and updates for the Vietnamese soccer community. Its news section focuses on local leagues and provides news and scores.

Thao 247

Thao 247 is an online Vietnamese sports media portal that specializes in football and other sports. The website offers soccer news, live reporting, video content and more. Besides football, it also features local leagues, player profiles, and scores of matches. Users can also play online sports prediction games.


YeuTheThao is one of the most popular online sports media websites in Vietnam. They offer a wide variety of sports content, and also operate sports prediction games. Their website also offers users the ability to check the live score of any game. You can also read news about the latest events, including news about local leagues.

The Hanoimoi Newspaper is the sponsor of the annual Table Tennis Clubs Cup. This tournament features over 300 athletes, competing for a total of twelve sets of medals. The Ha Noi team is back in the top spot after a 3-0 win over SHB Da Nang. Coach Chun Jae Ho said he was happy with the performance of his skipper Nguyen Van Quyet.

YeuTheThao predictions game

YeuTheThao is the leader in online sports media in Vietnam, operating sports prediction game and BongDa, the most popular football news site. The company has also expanded into mobile, with Diadiem Vietnam 2.0, a free sports news app for the iPhone.

In Vietnam, football is one of the most popular sports, and ON Sports has all of the licenses to broadcast international matches. It is a staple part of the Vietnamese identity. Now, you can predict football match scores using KAI tokens in an app for the iPhone and Android. The game is live in the App Store and Google Play and will soon be featured in TV commercials.


YeuTheThao, a leading online sports media in Vietnam, is a popular destination for local sports news and information. The site also features a sports prediction game. It also hosts a variety of sports news, including live reporting. You can also find soccer news, including scores, statistics, and videos. YeuTheThao also has an iPhone app, Diadiem Vietnam 2.0, which can be downloaded for free.

YeuTheThao, 8X’s online sports news in Vietnam is made by Hanoimoi Newspaper, which sponsors an annual Table Tennis Clubs Cup featuring more than 300 athletes competing for 12 sets of medals. Following a 3-0 win over SHB Da Nang, Ha Noi are in the lead after two rounds. The team is confident in the performance of skipper Nguyen Van Quyet.

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